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Mudumalai wildlife Sanctuary, Ooty, Tamilnadu

Location of Mudumalai Wildlife Santuary

The Mudumalai Sanctuary is bordered with other Sanctuaries like Bandipur National Park and Nagarhole National Park in the North, to the west Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, to the south Mukruthi National Park and Silent Valley National Park, To the east Sigur Plateau connected with Sathyamangala wildlife sanctuary, with reserve forest Biligirirangan Hills Wildlife Sanctuary.

Area of Mudumalai Wildlife Santuary

Mudumalai with Bandipur, Nagarhole, Wayanad, Silent Valley enjoys over 3300 square kilometres of forests.

Animals found in Mudumalai Wildlife Santuary

Deer, Gaur, Pig, Elephant, Tiger, Leopard, South Bear, Ant Eater, Black Napped hare, Shrew, Rates, Squirrel & Bats are abundant here.

Mudumalia has declared 4 Cat Species, Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, Jungle cat, Leopard cat. With Highest density of Tiger species, we can find one tiger in every 8.5 Square Kilometer. There are more than 70 tigers lives in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve.

Also Indian leopard, seen here with carnivores like Dhole, Striped Hyena, Golen Jackal, Sloth Bear, Indian Elephants, Primates like Gray langur, Bonnet macaque. We can find Ungulates, Gaur, Sambar Deer, Chital deer, Indian muntjac, Indian Spotted chevrotain, wild boar, rodents, Indian Giant Squirrel and Flying Squirrel.

Reptiles like Python, Flying lizard, Spectacles Cobra, Krai, Asian Pit Vipers, Monitor Lizard etc. Are abundant.

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

As per the census in 2007 April there are more that 48 tigers in Mudumalai Reserve. Mudumalai is the sole initiative of Tamilnadu Government. They have vacated about 350 families from this area. It stimulated the country’s effort to conserver the Tiger population. The residents near to the Mudumalai are behaves as trackers and guides. National Tiger Conservation Authority approved the Tiger project in Mudumalai in the financial year 2010 – 11.

Flora in Mudumalai

Three types of forest in Mudumalai are tropical moist deciduous, tropical dry deciduous and southern tropical dry thorn forest.

There are tropical evergreen forest also found in Mudumalai. The annual railfall is 2000 mm. Tree species are Casseria ovoides, Litsea mysorensis, Cinnamomum malabatrum, Olea dioca etc. Climbers are Sneeze Wort, Gnetum ula, Entada scandens etc.

Bamboos are found here in two species including the giant climbing bambos Bambusa and Dendrocalamus strictus. Elephants and Gaur in Mudumalai eats these Bamboos.

Also plant species like Mangifera indica, Pongamia glabra, Terminalia arjuna, Syzygium cumini, Indian rosewood Dalbergia latifolia and the bamboos etc found here. Larger animals like elephant, gaur, sambar and tiger use riparian forest patches for feeding and resting.

Mudumalia sanctuary is a home for wild ginger, turmeric, Cinnamon, Solanum, Guava, mango and pepper etc.

Main attractions of Mudumalai National Park

There is Elephant Safari available in the Forest , operated by the Forest Department starting from Theppakadu.

The Elephant Feeding Camp is another attraction for the tourists. One can see how they are fed. Elephants here are not used for the timber extraction work, as the areas are protected . The elephants are used for tourism, and patrolling for poaching. Elephants training centre also can visit.

Chief Minster’s Watchtower, view point Kargudi, Ombetta Lake and Safari Van etc are the other attractions in Mudumalai.
One can view the wild animals on the bank of the Moyar River, when they come to drink the water.
Animals who lived before in Mudumalai are kept in the Museum near the elephant feeding camp.
Kalhatty falls located 30 Kilometer from Theppakadu is another attraction. Pykara lake 40 kilometer from Theppakkadu gives a scenic view.

How to Reach Mudumalai

Coimbatore to Mudumalai - 130 Kilo meter
Ooty to Mudumalai - 67 Kilo meter
Mysore to Mudumalai - 90 Kilo meter
Accommodation available in Mudumalai

Forest Department running cottages are available in Mudumalai. One can contact the Ooty office of the Forest Department on 04232445971. Also various private resorts and guest houses are available here. The Hotel Tamil Nadu is the famous one here. Hotel Tamil Nadu phone number 04232526580.

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